If you want to be a successful blogger, you are going to have to become incredibly selfish.

If you do not adopt a very different MINDSET, put some strong boundaries in place, and become much tougher about putting yourself first, your blog will cause Trouble & Strife, and you will fail. This post is the first in a series about some unusual ideas and concepts specifically designed to help you work on yourself and on your emotions while you also work on your business in the most profitable way possible. These principles are gateways to getting your needs met in both the personal and business aspects of your life. They are the nutrients and vitamins that will help you develop and sustain your continued growth. A little history of how I came to adopt these ideas. The late Thomas J Leonard often called the grandfather of Coaching, and the late Jim Rohn were both incredibly wise astute businessmen. Their wisdom and knowledge of career counselling, personal growth, psychology and good old common sense are as relevant today as they used to be. Their ideas and principles are particularly applicable to Blogging. Thomas Leonard called these ideas  “Principles of Attraction.” I call the operating systems because they are like advanced software you can upload to enhance the total performance of your own mind. They help you avoid  Burnout and hollow striving.   

These Principles are the result of learning how to get your own “NEEDS”  met.

These principles have worked well, and consistently with virtually every type of human personality, situation, or problem. They open a path to achievement that bypasses Burnout, and hollow striving. They can deliver what everyone with an entrepreneurial bone in their body most craves: MAKING MONEY WITH LESS EFFORT,  WHILE HAVING A LIFE THAT YOU THOROUGHLY ENJOY. If you apply these Principles of Attraction there is no need for Positive Thinking  – A positive outlook will be yours as a no sweat bonus, along with a life that’s lower in stress and higher in satisfaction. “ Attraction” is the ultimate in being good to yourself.   These principles are the result of learning how to get your own Needs met. Once this happens, you have the availability, and enough reserves to be incredibly generous to others. You are operating from ABUNDANCE. That is very attractive!
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“From the cradle to the grave man never does a single thing which has any first and foremost object but one: to secure peace of mind, and spiritual comfort, for himself.” ( Mark Twain) Principal no 1  Learn to become more  SELFISH. This word is an adjective that can carry a big load . . In Webster’s dictionary, selfish is defined as:  Caring unduly or solely for oneself; one’s own comfort, and advantages, in disregard or at the expense of others.” But in the way I am talking about SELLFISHNESS  here, it is something else entirely. I would like you to come to think of it in a different way too. In fact it is really vital for the sake of your  personal and professional success that you  grasp a new way of viewing selfishness. Holding on to and being ruled by other people’s definitions of selfishness has probably created a barrier that you will need to break. So be brave and open to thinking of selfishness in a new way. Fortune really does favour the brave! Selfishness, as defined for our purposes, will ultimately allow you to be MORE generous and supportive of others than you have ever been before. To clarify this, let us wind the clock back. When humans were tribal, survival meant common food-gathering, common defence. An overly individualistic member of the tribe, one who dared to be selfish, was a legitimate risk. As humans became more civilized things began to change, some people became specialists. These people needed, for everyone’s ultimate benefit, to be liberated from hunting and farming tasks. Selfishness viewed in this context now becomes a necessary trait for all those who want to take themselves, and the “Tribe” of humanity as a whole, to a higher level. Creativity and excellence require selfishness. So does Evolution and so does A BLOG. Fast forward to the Present day, and the purpose of this Post. When you know you are onto something – a potential breakthrough of any kind – you need the purest kind of focus and concentration possible. You need to answer the callings of your heart and mind BEFORE you answer to the callings of the Tribe.( Substitute family) You need to accept that a reasonable and responsible level of selfishness builds long-term benefits for everyone you care about.