Understanding and learning how to prevent an eating disorder

My goal during this 90 min session is to educate inform and equip YOU with enough knowledge to spot and stop potentially serious problems such as Eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia and self-harming.


Anxiety during the teenage years is common. It’s known to affect one in eight children, with teenage girls being more likely to suffer. Left untreated, children who suffer from anxiety have an increased risk of underachieving at school and missing out on important social experiences. They are also at risk for developing eating disorders, self-harming and Addiction.

On the one hand, you want your teenage daughter to feel happy and secure within herself and in her environment. On the other hand her mood swings, mercurial temper, untidiness, laziness, and unreliability can be hard to live with.

Sometimes life for a teenager can feel overwhelming. She is “in transition” with one foot in childhood and the other trying to find a foothold in adulthood.

Your daughter may also be struggling to cope with the mountain of expectations that frighten her. Her fear is often the result of self-doubt. She may get aggressive and rude because she resents (and fears)  the responsibilities (exams and results ) which she feels have been thrust upon her.

She may secretly worry that she is a disappointment to you, and this is very common. Your daughter is desperately seeking to belong.

Dangers of Peer pressure

Your teenage daughter has a growing need for independence and will become increasingly drawn towards and influenced by her peers throughout her teens.

This is a natural process in order for her to grow to become a fully functioning independent adult.  

Unfortunately, these friendships and the strong desire to be part of the group are often when trouble starts. It is the time many teenagers start experimenting with drugs, alcohol and when they are particularly vulnerable to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia and self-harming.

I have worked with many clients suffering from advanced eating disorders, and I know how heartbreaking and tragic this can be not only for the person themselves but also for the parents and siblings.

Even though your daughter may appear to be pushing you away, this is the time She often needs you the most.

If you sense there might be more to the mood swings, demotivation, aggression and rudeness than meets the eye, PLEASE listen to your gut.

Distinguishing between what has considered difficult adolescent behavior most people accept as normal, and WHAT IS POTENTIALLY worrying behavior is an extremely fine line to walk.

My Goal with this 90-minute session is first to listen to you. Then to discuss, educate and equip you with enough knowledge to SPOT and STOP potentially serious problems such as eating disorders, self-harm, addiction, undiagnosed ADHD BEFORE they have time to develop into Full-Blown life-threatening illnesses.

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