I HAVE ATTENTION DEFICIT. IT IS NOT APPARENT, AND ONLY REALLY KICKS IN WHEN I AM STRESSED OR UNDER PRESSURE. I have always hated feeling that much as they might love me, some people see me as somewhat unstructured, a little time challenged or likely to forget. However, there has been a shift ! even though my nearest and dearest have not yet realized what is happening, I am changing…. and I love it! To my surprise Blogging is proving to be an amazing tool for taming my ADHD.  I have become more organized and for this unexpected benefit, I will be forever grateful. Blogging calms me and centers me. It makes me gather my thoughts and put them in a logical sequence. It has introduced me to the habits of “Time Blocking” and “Chunking.” I have learned to set Clear Objectives for specific days of the week. This is incredibly soothing. Blogging has done away with the awful feeling of spinning my wheels, and not knowing what to do or where to start (which can so often result into not doing anything at all).

THE NO1 CONDITION FOR STARTING A SUCCESSFUL BLOG IS MASTERING THE ART OF PRIORITIZATION ORGANIZATION AND STRUCTURE. Blogging has taught me to Focus on no more than one or two objectives at a time and finish them before moving on to the next goal. These should also be the most important goals for your business.   Quite soon after I started work on my blog, I noticed something extremely unusual and interesting was happening. First my office, then our whole home begun to look tidier. I realized that without thinking about it,  I had started to apply a few regular disciplined routines to the home in much the same way I was doing to the blog. I was batching and  Chunking certain tasks at specific times and on specific days. I was also and tidying up the house each evening the same way I had started to do tidy my office.    Clutter was gradually disappearing. The laundry was done and ironed, the kitchen spice cupboard now sported  a couple of “Lazy Susans” and our under the sink cupboard looked just like the one in “Abby just a girl and her blog “ – (For those of you who do not know Abby, her Blog is a must. Her organizational expertise a wonder to behold) I PUT THESE CHANGES DOWN TO FALLING IN LOVE WITH BLOGGING AND BECOMING INTENSELY INTERESTED, FASCINATED AND FOCUSED ON LEARNING HOW THIS WHOLE NEW FIELD WORKS. 

Trying to start a Blog, write the Posts, and most of all,  master the incredible amount of new information coming at me from all directions has been one of the most difficult and challenging things I have ever done. There is no doubt in my mind that because I have ADHD, there have been times trying to start a blog has stretched me to the limit. Recent research shows that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Most “normal” people now have an attention span of 9 seconds! THIS is the attention span of a Goldfish !!! THE INTERNET IS “THE BEST OF WORLDS AND THE WORSE OF WORLDS” FOR SOMEONE WITH ADHD.  The worst of worlds because our distracted brains are given no respite. Our attention is being continually HIJACKED, seduced, and lured in every possible direction. The BEST of worlds because the internet and blogging, provide tools to help people with ADHD FOCUS and create structure.

I have spent  weeks and months on what can only be described as a colossal  Learning Binge. I have found it discouraging, exhausting but also incredibly stimulating. I have felt my brain coming to life and my neurons waking up and  starting to fire away. Each time I finally understood something new and the penny “dropped” and I saw the light, or understand the Strategy or end goal, I have felt proud of  myself. Because I find understanding  the technical side of blogging so  hard, I became determined not to lose or misplace a single note, tutorial or course.   For me this was the Tipping point. This was when I realize how important   having systems and automating things are to creating a successful blog. More importantly this was when I suddenly understood how powerful they could ALSO be for helping me manage my attention deficit. Without a blog I would never have heard of them or put them in place, for this I am intensely grateful. .   Once I realized what an extraordinary solution to my disorganization, I had accidentally discovered I wanted to learn, use and understand everything I could about these tools.           I am on a mission and have become  fascinated with Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar and Photos, Trello, Canva, Tailwind, and Boardbooster, to name but a few.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OBV2vBFD29I?rel=0&showinfo=0&start=5" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

It did not, and still does not come easily and I still have to use them regularly or I forget and get stuck.  But when I see order emerge and things start to take shape it fills me with a sense of achievement and happiness. I like being organized. Once you start to automate and use these systems, life becomes so much easier. There is no more frantic searching for that lost piece of paper, you stop forgetting appointments, You no longer waste time wondering what to do next.    Rather like playing Domino’s, there is a  knock on effect. You want more of this new found structure and order. Your Focus effortlessly switches to finding new ways to improve the systems you have put in place. LIFE BECOMES SO MUCH EASIER. YOU FEEL IN CONTROL AND LIKE YOURSELF BETTER. YOU STOP FEELING INEFFICIENT OR INCOMPETENT.    People with Attention Deficit are capable of being extremely focussed on the things that interest them or that they feel passionate about. If you are lucky enough to fall in love with blogging, you too will effortlessly focus your whole attention on making it work. You will put systems and a structure in place and give it your all. THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHY I BELIEVE  BLOGGING CAN BE A WONDERFUL TOOL FOR GETTING CONTROL OF ATTENTION DEFICIT AND HELPING YOU TO BECOME BETTER ORGANIZED AND TIDY IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE.