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blogging, adhd, blogging for beginners

Starting a blog has shone a light on certain problems I had never considered a handicap or taken seriously.

I realized a many years ago that I have mild form of adhd which tends to kick in when I get stressed, it was just something I lived with. If I ever did mention it to people 9 times out of 10 they treated it as a joke. So I learned to “let it go”.

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blogging can make you fat

How to avoid becoming a big bottomed Blogger and chronic “Nibbler.”

Have you ever been sitting at your desk working away at a blog post when all of a sudden you feel so hungry you just have to get up and see what’s in the fridge? Do you find yourself rationalizing that in order to produce good work you absolutely NEED a sugar hit?

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selfish, blogging for beginners

If you do not adopt a very different MINDSET, put some strong boundaries in place, and become much tougher about putting yourself first, your blog will cause Trouble & Strife, and you will fail.

This post is the first in a series about some unusual ideas and concepts specifically designed to help you work on yourself and on your emotions while you also work on your business in the most profitable way possible.

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avatar, blogging, beginners

You will find it very difficult to write from the heart if you do not know who you are writing to. I did not really understand this concept until I joined the Elite Blog Academy (or EBA) course.

When I first heard the word AVATAR I immediately wondered if it had to do with the James Cameron films of the same name. The answer is NO but in a way yes. Avatar is blog language for your target reader. As bloggers, we are not writing to thousands or even hundreds of faceless people out there in cyberspace, we should instead be having a conversation with ONE single person. Someone we know intimately. Someone we trust, understand and wish to help and share with.

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