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feeling old, older bloggers, ageism

Shortly after I decided to start a blog I thought I would explore the web and see what other women bloggers my age were up to. What I found surprised and shocked me.
I realized I had just discovered another glass ceiling,
This was to have a strong influence on the direction I have decided to take this blog.

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blogging, beginning

I have attention deficit. It is not apparent, and only really kicks in when I am stressed or under pressure. I have always hated feeling that much as they might love me, some people see me as somewhat unstructured, a little time challenged or likely to forget. However, there has been a shift ! Even though my nearest and dearest have not yet realized what is happening, I am changing….

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blogging million dollar hobby

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by all the work it takes to launch a blog and create online revenue. I begin to wonder if I have what it takes to make a success of this. When this happens I need to break the negative cycle and do something fun to remind myself why I wanted to start a blog and online business in the first place.

I have always loved reading articles about women entrepreneurs who have created a successful business around a hobby or something they were passionate about.

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motivation, influence, affecting others

Build your blog and business on generosity.

This concept is something I have carried over from my counselling days. Blogging and counselling are very similar. Your are looking to inspire, help, and educate.

Counselling and blogging are also similar in that in both you are listening for the pain point.

The importance of asking and listening are as important in blogging as in counselling most people just listen for what they need from the other person.

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ageism, blogging, older ladies

Last autumn I happened to be in Paris during Fashion Week. The City was buzzing. The air was electric, and excitement filled the air. Glamorous people rushed around looking busy and important, mere mortals strained to catch a glimpse of someone famous or powerful. But THE BIG SURPRISE was the subtle shift that was taking place. In a world built around Youth and Beauty, in which preconceived ideas are extremely slow to change or evolve, something very unusual was afoot. Although one would assume an industry based on selling eyewatering expensive products would have made it their business to target the people who have enough money to buy these products

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