Ladies Stop leaving TONS of money on the table

There seems to be an invisible but formidable glass ceiling which excludes mature older women from the virtual income world. What is even sadder is that although these women have so much to offer, it has NEVER occurred to them that they should be stepping up and claiming their slice of the cake.

It’s an enormous cake and there is more than enough to go round.

I created Blogissima to share the very best Self-Help Methods new mature first time bloggers can use to help them get unstuck, take action and take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that now exists of building an online business and creating Financial and emotional security.

There is a great big empty space waiting for us to fill it!

Compared to the thousands of successful and wonderful young bloggers, there are comparatively few older women bloggers.
When I first became aware of this, I was astounded, shocked, and angry at all the wasted opportunities women in their 50s and 60’s and 70s are missing out on!

Not to mention the money and extra income they are leaving on the table.

In fact, it’s so unbelievably ridiculous that I am now on a MISSION. Even if I only convince one person to take advantage of this opportunity I will consider it time well spent.

The main culprit seems to be that older women are held back by limiting beliefs and lack of technical skills.

These are 2 of the main issues this blog and newsletter will be regularly covering.

My mission as a new older blogger with the same lack of technical skills is to share all the info I have found to be most helpful, In the most simple clear, easy to understand way.

NEWBIES and Non-techies, WELCOME!
Because my particular bugbear has been and STILL is, a chronic lack of technical knowledge, I would like to extend a very special warm welcome to the more un-tech savvy amongst us. Leave being embarrassed at the door, RELAX, and rest assured that No question is too stupid to ask.

The Clueless Bloggess Newsletter” is designed to help inform and encourage you. My goal is to keep things really simple and make acquiring new skills as easy and painless as possible.

Lack of technical knowledge and lack of tech-savvy are often our greatest challenge.
They lead to self-doubt and kill many great ideas before they even get off the ground.

Sure one can learn almost anything on the internet and this is truly fabulous!

BUT Gripe no1 is that many of the people explaining how to do various things, forget to start with the BASICS.
They expect “The Newbie” to already know how to read, while she is still trying to figure out the alphabet.
Gripe no2 is the speed with which the “Explainers” wield their mouse! It flies around the screen faster than the untrained eye can follow.

In the coming months, I am going to create a short series of very simple “How To” posts and videos about the basic first steps of Canva, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Trello to name just a few. They will be SOO easy even I can do them!

I have found getting organized and planning ahead in a focused and strategic manner to be immensely useful and reassuring.l
Each week via my “Clueless Bloggess Newsletter” I will share a “Weekly Round-Up” of what I have tried out, what worked, what did not, the best courses, posts, podcasts, and books.
My goal is to experiment with as many new approaches as possible, especially the ones that make me nervous (FB live) or I am afraid to try because these are the ones that will make me and my blog grow.
My own big Goal is to Affiliate Marketing and creates Online Courses.

I am only a few short steps ahead of you and make no secret of still being clueless about many things. BUT I am extremely determined and very enthusiastic.

Blogging is FUN, and I believe it is vital to keep it that way. It must be something we look forward to doing and love to share. To keep the magic alive and retain my enthusiasm up I have come up with different Fun approaches which help me stay motivated. I invite you to share these as they have been a big help.

I will be putting this to the test by kicking off with a new “Series” called:
“BLOG LIKE”… Followed by the name of a different blogger or author each week.

The first one is: “Blog like” Anthony Robbins:
He believes we do not need to reinvent the wheel. If you wish to be successful find someone who has succeeded in the area you are interested in, DO exactly what they have done.

I just love this idea because it makes so much sense and gives us a Blueprint
Many of the bloggers and authors I admire have their own very specific way of doing certain things. JK Rowlings, for example, is a great advance planner, Rosemarie Groner ( a blogger) is extremely strategic, another blogger, Carrie Green has a lot to say about cultivating the right Mindset.

When we “deconstruct” these different strategies they can be extremely useful in helping us become more organized and work smarter. Each week I will take an in-depth look at one of the techniques and approaches.

Eleanor Roosevelt used to say we should do one thing that scares us every day.
I agree with her, in the coming months, I will be making a point of trying many new things. These include; Facebook live, Webinars, and Interviews with some really inspiring women entrepreneurs who have created a business out of their passion.

Please come along for the ride and keep me company
Let me take the risks while you watch and learn from my mistakes. I look forward to meeting you and getting your feedback, thoughts and reactions.