These results are those of someone who often “GRAZES ALL DAY LONG”.

You find yourself with your hand in a bag of chips and you are not sure how you got there! You catch yourself snacking on little things all day – When you try and work out how much you have eaten and more importantly HOW MANY calories you have consumed.

It makes your head spin in horror! and can  tend to ruin your day.

One of the bad side effects is what happens as a result of this kind of eating
You find you are never really hungry when normal meal times come around.
Sometimes this way of eating goes beyond just snacking.
Your seem to be “GRAZING” all day long.

The definition of Grazing is –

The unstructured  and repetitive eating of small amounts of food over a long period of time  AND outside of planned meal times.

There are many reasons people start a diet of “multiple small meals during the day”.
It is usually in an effort to lose weight. Many magazines talk about the merits of this way of eating. Sadly what they do not explain enough is that  this method was never meant for ordinary people in everyday life. This particular approach was originally created as a new way of eating for people who have undergone Bariatric Surgery.
These individuals had drastic treatment because they were so extremely obese. These extreme  methods had to be resorted to in order to help them drop weight.
Another reason people turn to food is that they are feeling anxious or scared, and food is something that comforts them.

So, What Can You Do About This ?

In this context grazing and snacking become habitual behavior performed automatically in response to emotional stress and it would add boredom and Procrastination to the list.
Although snaking is not considered one of the more serious eating disorders, it should be curbed because when it goes on
for any length of time people stop being able to recognize their own natural hunger céues. This can, in turn, lead to more complications

This is why I  created 90 min coaching sessions during which we can explore options and should you wish, Make a plan !

One and Done

If you feel this might be a  problem for you or someone you know, I have created a stand-alone 90-minute Coaching Session during which we can explore and discuss things more in-depth and in which you can ask me all the questions you may have.


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Maureen Josephine

Hello there I’m Mojo  short for Maureen Josephine Before we go any further let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a mother of 5 and a Family Therapist with 25 years of experience helping older moms of teenagers and young women overcome the challenges 
of being a single parent. Nothing prepares people for dealing with issues such as Eating Disorders, Addiction, living with Alcoholism, or dealing with 
Depression anxiety and overwhelm. 
Financial and emotional problems can bring people to their knees.
Overwhelm sets in and so does fear-based Procrastination. This is a killer combination!
I care deeply about the clients I work with because I have dealt with many of the issues I help people  with. I do not believe in WOO WOO, but I do believe in taking massive ACTION, 
This is the only way to get unstuck and move forward. Let me show you how.