HAS IT EVER  OCCURRED  TO YOU  THAT WE ARE THE GOLDIGGERS OF MODERN TIMES?    The only difference is that we do not have to travel to the Klondike. Our hunting ground or rather prospecting ground is now virtual and much larger than the Klondike. There are also infinitely more riches to be had for those of us who decide to take up the challenge. Once I started to explore this idea I became fascinated by the similarities there are between starting an online business and the Gold Rush adventurers and entrepreneurs of times gone by. The reason I am sharing this is that there is a very important lesson to be taken from this parallel.  Bear with me and you will see what I mean GOLD DIGGERS AND MODERN DAY BLOGGERS HAVE A LOT IN COMMON.                                                             Both are about stepping out of our comfort zone and getting out there to search for hidden treasure. The gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow. The dream. The difference is that unlike the gold miners, bloggers now do their “prospecting”  sitting behind their laptops from the safety of their homes. BUT although they may not have to brave terrible dangers, snow storms, avalanches, famine or fight off wolves and do backbreaking work, the TWO things every gold digger and blogger  STILL need to possess are  the right MINDSET and a very powerful WHY when the things get tough.
In 1897-1898  Courageous women from all walks of life joined the Klondike Gold Rush. Some were poor, some were professional; some wives joined their husbands, other women left their husbands at home and went off on their own. Many women were desperate to support themselves and their families; others sought out adventure and excitement as an escape from their boring routine life. When the San Francisco Newspaper of 1897 reported – “Sacks of gold from mines of the Klondike,” gold fever swept the land.  Large numbers of people were facing economic depression, and the idea of finding treasure and sacks of gold fired everyone’s imagination. Among the incredible mix of hopefuls were miners, businesswomen, journalists, shopkeepers, cooks, nuns, entertainers, teachers, physicians and hotel proprietors. Some came to see what the Klondike Fever was all about. But deep down everyone was hoping to improve their fortunes if they could. These women faced extraordinary circumstances. Rather like new bloggers, the very first challenges they faced were how well they had researched and prepared, and their own Mindset. 
One of the very first problems most of these people, male or female encountered, was that they were not physically conditioned to the strenuous life that was required. In fact, they had so little knowledge of the kind of conditions they would be facing that many died along the way, and others turned back. As dreams gave way to harsh realities, some women found themselves in situations they never could have imagined.  Some even had to resort to or were forced into prostitution. This is thankfully is not our case as bloggers. Why I say we are the equivalent of modern-day Gold Diggers, is because as bloggers or future bloggers, these brave men and women can teach us a lot about what to do and what NOT  to do when starting out. One of the first lessons is to NOT get discouraged or lose faith. IT IS ESTIMATED THAT 2 MILLION BLOGS ARE WRITTEN EVERY DAY.                                                                                     It is also estimated that out of all the people who start a blog only 9%  make between $1000 to $10.000 and only 4% of bloggers make over $10.000 a month. Now, this could be either very depressing if we take this literally, or it could boost our resolve if we do NOT, Because that number does not give the whole picture. If you take the time to carry out a  little research, you will find that many of these blogs are abandoned almost as soon as they start. Very often people started them on a whim, had no idea what blogging entailed, lost interest, got discouraged and gave up ( just like many of the gold diggers).
Nothing is new under the sun. In much the same way there is today, “Hustlers”  and Fake News abounded and led people astray. The gullible go seduced and conned out to their money. Newspapers and magazines began writing stories about travelling to Alaska. Books explained sure methods of finding gold. Many of these books told people what they wanted to hear — that finding gold in the Yukon was easy.  Here too in much the same way today,  countless courses are written by people who have not actually made a lot of money themselves, but promise to teach new bloggers how to build a successful business, MOST of the people who wrote the books had no idea at all where the Canadian Yukon Territory was.   Hundreds of people who travelled to the gold fields had no idea what they would face. They did not know about the extremely cold weather that could kill. Most did not know they would face extremely hard work and terrible living conditions. As someone who got seduced by every course out there, this certainly hits home.  There are no shortcuts. One has to have the patience to learn the basics. One has to be willing to understand what blogging professionally in order to build an online business is really about. Today as during the Gold Rush being STRATEGIC, FOCUSSED, and METHODICAL  is still the best way to load the dice in our favor –