My name is Mojo (Short for Maureen Josephine) Gough. I am a family therapist turned blogger, with 24 years experience in private practice helping parents, teenagers and clients from all walks of life overcome challenges and get back on track. If people have made it to my blog, it is often because they would like to create a blog and an online business in order to build financial and emotional security and a better lifestyle.


 Older moms of teenagers or women who are new to blogging  who have lost their confidence and are on the point of giving up.   

Women whose limiting beliefs have led to Fear-based Procrastination which is keeping them stuck

 People who need to train their brain for success by changing their  MIndset.  

If you have been touched by tragedy or other people have often disappointed or hurt you,  you may be using AVOIDANCE  and PROCRASTINATION  to protect yourself from further fear, rejection, and pain 

If you find yourself missing deadlines, if your work is not your best because you repeatedly procrastinate,  If you often find you are the one who withdraws from a relationship,  then FEAR  is behind most of your self-destructive behaviour. People are usually completely unaware of what is happening subconsciously to cause the habits and behaviors they cannot seem to break free of.

During my  90 min sessions I help  clients raise their “Awareness” of what is REALLY  holding them back and keeping them stuck. Once you identify this you can start building the right MINDSET  to move your life forward and create the Emotional and Financial security you want…


  • You are a single mom of teenagers, who is  STUCK, overwhelmed, running on anxiety and feeling powerless to create a life that works for you.
  • You find yourself missing deadlines, if your work is not  your best because you repeatedly procrastinate,
  • You often break appointments or cancel because you do not feel ready enough or prepared…
  • You are a  midlifer, who has no desire to retire, who would like to start a blog and build an online business but has no idea where to start.
  • You are having massive problems with following through and implementing.
  • Money worries about the future are causing chronic anxiety in the present. 

The only requirement for success is that you be 100% committed to making a positive change in your life and to taking  action. 


My approach is kind, compassionate and supportive BUT direct and honest. It is also pragmatic and professional.  Through my bespoke self-help methods and “Growth Mindset” coaching strategies, I can help you break free from anxiety stress and overwhelm.

I DO NOT   believe in  “Woo Woo” or Fluff.

I DO believe in teaching people Self-Help methods that REALLY work.

I also believe in educating my clients by sharing the latest findings in Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Neuroscience and my all time favoriteNEUROPLASTICITY –  the ability of the brain to change and/ or rewire itself throughout an individual’s life.

In my opinion, there are few more exciting, empowering ideas than the fact that the way we “THINK” actually has the power to change the structure of our own brains. We CAN change our MINDSET, and we CAN change our habits and create new ones.   All it takes is practice. 

This also means YOU can definitely take back control, and learn how to manage fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs. You can begin to feel more relaxed, happy and secure. 




If you would like to book a counselling session please contact me with a brief summary of your story using the email link bellow. this will take you to my calendar where you find a time that suits you. I will get back to confirm our session   


If you completed the first 90 minutes and feel you would like to continue working to a higher level  I offer 6 sessions over 12 weeks of

HIIT Mindset Coaching.