This blog is for women like me who want to start a blog because they have a burning desire to get their message out there, build a business and share something.

They might be experts in a certain field, or they may have lived through something really hard, tragic,  dangerous, or extraordinary,  one thing is certain,  their life has given them knowledge  they would like to share.

This is why although we might come from completely different walks of life,  we truly are Soul Sisters.          Despite being clueless scared newbies, and feeling overwhelmed, we are all determined to win though and get our message out there.

When I think of my future readers,  the women I am writing for are my friends and my sisters.  I always try and imagine where they are, who they are and what they are doing.

I know we share the same fears, sorrows, problems, and goals and this is why I can talk to them and open up without worrying about being judged or misunderstood.

I also know that wherever they in their journey, all of us at one time or the other have been or still are beset by Limiting Beliefs and self-doubt.  We all wonder whether we are capable of succeeding and making our dreams and ambitions come true. Some days we all fear we just do not have what it takes, and we feel very close to giving up. 

This is why I have made  Limiting Beliefs and cultivating the right MINDSET  one of the cornerstones of this blog. It is an issue I shall come back to again and again because when you want to build a successful business from scratch,   MINDSET is the most important predictor of how successful you will be.

   One other thing  I know for sure is that one day we will meet.

Until then in order to bring these ladies to life and make them even more real,  I thought I  would write some SHORT STORIES.  I have attempted to make these tales  Snapshots of these women and their lives before and after they made the brave decision to Take action create a business and change their lives.   




The distinguished couple had been sitting next to me while we waited for our plane to be called. Suddenly the woman got up saying she there was a magazine she wanted to get. The man nodded, not bothering to take his eyes off his cell phone.

As I watched her walk toward the bookstall,  with the easy grace of someone who had once been a ballerina, something tugged at the back of my mind. She reminded me of someone but I could not think who. Although She must have been in her late 50s or early 60s, she was still very lovely. Tall and very  slim she was beautifully dressed in the utterly  minimalist way  which only the extremely wealthy seem to pull off, she had the kind of look which caused  Leonardo da Vinci to remark “Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.” A blonde Audrey Hepburn.

Glancing at her Rolex watch, She picked up a magazine and made her way back to where she had left her husband.

“Look,”  she said excitedly holding up the magazine. “ There’s a really interesting article on How to start a Blog.  I thought I might try to start one.”

The man threw back his head and laughed so loudly the other passengers turned to see what had amused him.

“You adorable idiot! you don’t even know how to switch on a computer!”

Just then our gate was called. As the couple hurried past me, I saw the cowed crushed look of self-doubt in Leonie ’s beautiful eyes. How vulnerable we are and how quickly we listen to naysayers.


As she watched her husband  load his case into the back of the car and drive away

She was hit by such a wave of sorrow she almost sank to her knees. Instead, she closed the door and started to walk back into the house. Her eyes fell on the lovely white orchids rising gracefully from an antique blue and white Chinese planter on the hall table. Almost of its own accord, her hand reached out to cup the lovely waxy blooms.

“You are the only thing in my life I am any good at ” She whispered to the delicate blooms. “The man I have built my world around for 25 years has left me for another woman”. What would she do now? How would she fill her days?

The tears came so fast now, she could hardly see her precious flowers.

Just then the phone rang making her jump. It was the village Horticultural Orchid Society calling to inquire if she had given any more thought to the Blog they had asked her to write.

She had so much knowledge to impart,  Would she take it on?

“Yes I will,” she heard herself reply, “Some free time has just opened up in my diary,  and I would be delighted to start the  Blog.

Even while she was talking, another part of her brain was wondering in horror and blind panic if she had taken leave of her senses.

You are a 67 year old single woman with no knowledge of computers,  how to create a blog or blogging.

“What great  news,” said the overjoyed club secretary, “You are such an expert,  we are all longing to learn from you.”

Kathleen wiped her eyes, straightened her shoulders and resolved that no matter what she would find a way not to disappoint her enthusiastic fans.  After all, she had all the time in the world now…


She looked at the famous handbag in the window, and her feet started to move almost of their own volition. Once she started she could no longer stop. She brought the eye-wateringly expensive handbag along with a pair of shoes, and just for good measure a bottle of Chanel no 5.
As she sailed out of the shop less than 10 min later, She felt a rush of such pure happiness, her breath caught in her throat. Her euphoria lasted until she got home.
There on the front door mat, was the dreaded letter. She picked it up feeling increasingly nauseous, “We regret to inform you….. “

It had finally happened. She had run herself into debt, and now she was out of a job. Fearing she might throw up, She opened the door and walked into the kitchen.

Suddenly something quite extraordinary happened. She felt HIS presence so strongly, that although she could not actually see him, she sensed he was sitting there.
Later she would think of what occurred as a spiritual experience.

She did not hear noises or see flashing lights but she heard John’s voice inside her mind. It was as real as her own thoughts.
He spoke so clearly, he seemed to be whispering in her ear. “My darling Please get help….You must learn how to fill the void with something more important than spending money and shopping. Please find a way to channel your energy into something else.” Then he was gone.
An unbelievable sense of peace flooded her from head to toe.
Ten thousand people have stood in front of her and told her she had imagined what had just happened, it would not have dented her certainty. She Knew ! it was going to be OK.

The next day, after months of uncontrollable spending, Rosie checked herself into Rehab and started Group Therapy. The minute the counsellor walked into the room and began to talk, Rosie felt she could trust this calm gentle wise woman.
It was a decisive moment, she had reached out and she had found help.
Rosie threw herself into “The Overspenders Program” and was willing to give it all she had.

By the time she left treatment, she understood how the mad frantic spending and shopping sprees had been a way to compensate, and fill the unbearable bottomless void left by her husband’s death.
She also remembered what John had whispered in her ear :
“Find some other way to channel your energy. …..” Now She knew what that would be. All the beautiful “Things” in the world would not bring him back. But now she had found another way to honour his memory
She would start a blog to help overspenders.
Although she did not have the slightest experience, She was determined to overcome her limiting beliefs and succeed.


“You useless fat incompetent stupid cow”

He hit her again before she blacked out. The last thing she heard before she lost consciousness, was the sickening thud of her cheek as it hit the kitchen sink.
When she came to he had gone. This time she knew she had to get out or she would kill her. An hour later a bruised battered tear-stained woman carrying a small suitcase climbed aboard a train bound for Paris. A tear slipped down her face as the train pulled out of the station. She had done it! She had finally left him.

6 months later and 20 kgs lighter, a very different woman sat drinking coffee with a friend in a small café on the Champs-Elysées.
She had a great job, an adorable small flat, BUT most of all she no longer lived in terror of the sound of his key when he returned home.

Her best friend looked at her proudly. “You’ve come such a long way, Nathalie”.
Nathalie smiled. “AND I am not done yet! I wanted you to be the first person I tell about my next big hairy scary goal.
Because of you, I was one of the lucky ones. Now I would like to start a blog to help other battered women.”
I am much older than all the young successful mummy bloggers,
I know nothing about blogging, BUT I will learn and I will keep trying until I understand how to do it. There is a very important message I want to share so other women do not spend years living in abject terror the way I did.