After I got sober, I ran my own private Counselling practice for many years. I saw people from all walks of life dealing with many different issues: addiction, anxiety, eating disorders- ADHD (attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder) Aspergers, shyness, procrastination and time management.

During my 23+ years as a therapist, there are very few human emotions I have not experienced or been privileged to have my clients trust me with.
It was a happy time. I loved my work, my children, my family. Life was good.

Then suddenly it was not.

Grief, loss and heartbreak of a magnitude I would never have imagined possible, struck from out of the blue. I was still reeling from these tragedies when I was hit by unexpected but extremely serious financial problems.

Although my battle with Addiction had brought me to my knees and very nearly killed me, in many ways I found what happened next far more frightening. This time I was sober, there were not pills or booze to cushion me from reality.

So many people I had loved all my life, died within a few short months of each other. Everything I held dear and familiar was disappearing!

I was now a middle-aged single mother responsible for two still very young children who depended on me for everything.
I do not remember ever feeling so unutterably lonely, incompetent or clueless about how to deal with what was happening.

As problems continued to rain down on me in ever greater numbers, my anxiety escalated until I felt almost paralysed with fear.
I had discovered a new phobia:“ Fear of the Letter Box” and the bills it contained. I have since discovered it is a very widespread affliction, just one people do not talk much about.

Financial and emotional problems create chronic stress because they threaten our present and future security. I went from being a resilient unsinkable optimist to a cowed anxious worrier. Someone who developed the habit of fear-based procrastination.

Thankfully for me, I knew what to do and was able to use the enormous reserves of knowledge I had accumulated as a therapist on myself.

My many years as a counsellor and my passion for teaching people how to become more flexible and adaptive in the face of change stood me in good stead when these hard times hit me.

The Gift that continued to give.

My recovery from addiction 25 years before, turned out to be “A Gift that continued to give.”
My Sobriety resulted in my going back to University, which in turn gave me knowledge, this opened the door to what has become a lifelong interest and passion for Brain Chemistry, Neuroplasticity and Mindfulness.

Knowledge is power

During those terrible grief-filled months of emotional and financial anxiety, I was able to reach in and apply to myself, many of the methods I had so often helped my clients use.
I revisited all the things I knes:
How stress shifts the brain into a reward searching mode.
How most of our choices are made on autopilot, without any real awareness of what is driving them.
How important understanding how procrastination is about diverting our fears and stress, but also about avoiding having to make a decision.
Why the-the first rule of willpower is “Know ThySelf” and why Self-Awareness is so important.

As a result of all I have experienced and lived through, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people can and do change.
I have witnessed it countless times as a therapist, and I have experienced it on a personal level.

The gift of Neuroplasticity

New research shows that contrary to what people had long believed, many aspects of the brain can be altered (or are Plastic) well into adulthood.
I am fascinated and passionately interested in Neuroplasticity, an umbrella term which describes the lasting change to the brain throughout an individual’s life course.

One of the things I find both empowering and extremely helpful to know is that we can actually train our brains for success and develop new neural pathways that can transform our way of thinking and our lives. I this find magnificent and immensely comforting. This concept is what I wish so much to share in Blogissima. Once you understand these concepts the sky is the limit.

Behaviour, environmental stimuli, thought and emotions, also cause neuroplastic change through activity-dependent plasticity.
This also has significant implication for healthy development, learning, memory, and recovery from brain damage.

More simply put Plasticity is the way the brain reorganizes itself by forming new connections throughout life.

I have often been surprised at how little many people know about Plasticity and the incredible life-changing possibilities of their own brains.

When life puts us in difficult situations, It is enormously reassuring to know that we can rewire ourselves.

We can put new more productive habits in place of old ones which are not longer helpful.

We can take action and get our lives back on track.

Blogissima is a Blog with a “Twist” because it’s where I share the very latest research in neuroscience, psychology, and brain chemistry to help people move forward, “stop talking start doing” , and take action to actually get your Blog and Business up and running especially if you ( like me ) are not a techie !

Blogissma is for anyone who wants to start making actual change in their lives,
stop living in fear, crippling anxiety and self-doubt.
*Complete Newbies who wish to build some extra online revenue,
*Single mothers who wish to work from home,
*Women who have lived through tragedy, loss of a loved one or a child and need to start rebuilding one step at a time.
* Women who are feeling overwhelmed, helpless, clueless, and who just do not have a clue where to start.

My GOAL is to help you overcome indecision, fear and stress, and above all stop procrastinating. My PROMISE is to share all my best methods to help you take persistent consistent action – Dispute negative thoughts focus and succeed.